Turmeric Blend with Aromatic Spices


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Ingredients: Turmeric powder, anise flower, black pepper, dry ginger

How-to-Use: Mix with hot milk before consuming. See detailed instructions below

Health Benefits: Reduces swelling, pain, and fatigue. Helps manage diabetes, and reduces fever.

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Turmeric Blend with Aromatic Spices – An Ayurvedic Remedy for Optimal Health

Experience the goodness of organic turmeric powder blended with anise flower, black pepper, and dry ginger in our unique Ayurvedic product – Turmeric Blend with Aromatic Spices. Known by various names in Ayurveda for its multitude of benefits, this blend has properties that can help pacify Kapha and Vata Dosha, reduce swelling, relieve pain, purify the blood, manage diabetes, treat skin diseases like leprosy, and more.

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50g, 100 grams

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