Nolen Gur(Liquid Date Palm Jaggery)



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Introducing Pre-Order only concept in Indicliving by which we can provide directly from the farm to you with a better price.

Premium and healthy products like Khejur Gur are made only during Winters. WAt Indic Living we wanted the farmer to fully benefit from the manufacturing of this product so that it doesn’t get wasted once manufactured.

Also with pre-order all of us, farmers, consumers, and businesses can be benefited. With bulk orders, we can save transportation costs, Loss due to storage, and can make our customers avail fresh produce.


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Date palm jaggery is also known as  Nolen Gur (Liquid) is abundantly consumed in the Eastern part of India. It is considered the tastiest among all the unrefined jaggeries. Due to high Fructose, it has a low GI.

It is rich in Iron, Zinc, Vit. B 12, Magnesium, etc.

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