Minapa Sunnundalu




Black whole Urd, Jaggery, Desi Gir cow ghee, and Our love and positive vibrations while preparing.


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Minapa means whole Urd especially Black whole Urd which is nutrition rich as its outer covering is not removed and is used to prepare Minapa Sunnundalu. The sweet aroma which leaves your entire home while roasting this sweet will make you nostalgic. This is eaten especially by women as told by my grandmother to keep their calcium intake. Daily one Minapa Sunnanda was eaten by every female in those good olden days to strengthen their muscles, especially the back and hip region. We kids loved to eat along with others. Even guests were given to eat Minapa Sunnundalu with Janthikalu and it is a very healthy homemade sweet tooth snack. Enjoy this authentic taste of Minapa Sunnundalu now at Indiclivings Snacks and Savouries.




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250 grams, 500 grams

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