Lokwan Wheat


Lokwan wheat is basically found in Maharashtra. Lokwan wheat is grown organically, which means the wheat develops without the influence of synthetic hormones or fertilizers. It is a premium quality grain with rich aroma and no adulterants.

Lokwan wheat has ample health benefits as it is rich in fibre and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The wheat has good amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

The wheat flour when consumed keeps you fuller for a longer time. It is best for rolling soft rotis and phulkas and can also be used in baking. 

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Benefits of Lokwan wheat:

  • The fibre present in Lokwan wheat encourages proper bowel movement.

  • The protein content in the Lokwan wheat aids in strengthening of hair and nails. 

  • Lokwan wheat is also known to improve eyesight.

  • Weight watchers can consume Lokwan wheat without any guilt as the high fibre content in the wheat enables in reducing weight gain.

  • Lokwan wheat can also reduce the risk of heart diseases.

  • Lokwan wheat improves insulin resistance.

Small amount of wheat with a large number of health benefits, the wheat of people-Lokwan!

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm

1 Kg, 2 Kg, 500 grams


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